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  • This is a capstone course in the computing department aimed to integrate consumer science and business and build the students vision of critical aspects of their home and career lives.  Students will engage in personal decision making and complete a career portfolio.  Additionally, they will match to a series of colleges and/or universities they believe fit with their overall career and lifetime goals.

  • The internet will be explored as a tool for entertainment, information and as a marketing channel.  Students will follow the system development life-cycle to design and build professional and personal web sites using HTML, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript.  Students will explore the nature of web based computing in the traditional client-server relationship and the Domain Name Services hierarchy.  File and image manipulation will be a focal point of presenting content to end users in this highly visual medium.  The culminating goal of this course is a deployable, style-based, professional web-site and understanding of the cutting edge technological tools that go into the process of design and development.


      1. Designing for the web
      2. Planning a website
      3. HTML
      4. CSS
      5. W3C, Standards and Validation
      6. Using templates & business site design project
      7. Advanced Photoshop
      8. Animations and FLASH Movies
      9. Web hosting and site maintenance
      10. Personal website project
      • This course is designed to examine the role of techonlogy in business and information systems.  Students will gain skills and experience in the use of applications for business related purposes as well as an understanding of the perspective of business in a global society.

        Desktop Publishing will allow students to develop proficiency in using desktop publishing software to create a variety of printed publications. Students will incorporate principles in design and layout of print publications to develop and create quality materials for business related tasks. Students will analyze information and the audience to effectively communicate the desired message. Applied principles are used to analyze and organize information, set up a design structure, and produce special visual expressions. Strategies may include computer/technology applications, demonstrations, collaborative instruction, interdisciplinary and/or culminating projects, problem-solving and critical thinking activities, simulations and project-based learning activities.


        1. • Principles of design
        2. • Creating publications
        3. • Newsletters
        4. • Brochures
        5. • Business Cards
        6. • Greeting Cards
        7. • Company Design Project
      • This course is designed to examine the consumers role in society and the use of technology from the consumers perspective.  We will study the growth of the internet as an information tool and it's prevalant use in the home and career lives of consumers around the world.


        1. Introduction to Computers
        2. The Internet
        3. Technology and Consumer Science
        4. Career Matching
        5. Personal Finance
      • This course is designed to teach keyboarding and office skills to be used at work and in everyday life.  We will use Typing Master Pro to build typing skills and complete a series of projects using Microsoft Office Applications.

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      Picture of Keith Calaman
      by Keith Calaman - Monday, 23 April 2012, 09:49 AM

      You can make up any items in the "Project", "Test", and/or "Literacy" sections of your grade.  You cannot make up "Participation" and/or "classwork" items.  The marking period ends on Friday, April 27, 2012.

      Picture of Keith Calaman
      by Keith Calaman - Friday, 16 March 2012, 08:04 AM

      Starting monday if you are playing a game in the computer lab you will receive DETENTION.  There are to be NO GAMES!

      Picture of Keith Calaman
      Saving Your Work
      by Keith Calaman - Monday, 5 March 2012, 09:08 AM

      You are responsible to save your work in the Moodle.  I am putting in place a five minute warning bell in class it will ring on my computer.  You MUST save your work in Moodle and not on the computer!