Grading Information


Classwork: This class will be taught in an online learning environment and will consist of lessons and activities.  You are responsible to do the work in sequence as designed.  If you miss a class it is your responsibility to make up the work within two days of return.  Late work will be penalized at the discretion of the instructor.  Your classwork grade will be the grade reflected in moodle at the end of the marking period.  Classwork will count as 20% of your quarterly grade.

Test/Quiz: There will be periodic assessments as required by the course material.  These tests and quizzes will count as 20% of your quarterly grade.

Projects: There will be a series of projects that will be completed individually or in groups as determined by the instructor.  The projects will be graded on a grading rubric but will also count towards the accumulation of your class participation grade.  Projects will count towards 20% of your quarterly grade.

Literacy: There will be reading and writing tasks assigned that will count towards your literacy grade.  Each writing task will be graded individually by the instructor based on the writing rubric associated with that task (the paragraph rubric used in the course).  Reading tasks will be graded by moodle automtically.  Literacy will count as 20% of your quarterly grade.

Participation: The remaining 20% of your quarterly grade will be based on class participation.  Each day it is required that you bring to class all materials used in the course.  If you need to leave class at any time (i.e. bathroom, locker) you MUST use a hall pass.  Your participation grade will be taken each day via a topic assignment.  You must complete the participation assignment within each topic in order to receive the points for participation.  I will also use this assignment to detract points for any reason as per the course guidelines.  Punctuality, attentiveness to instruction, preparedness for class, cooperation, and attendance will be included in your participation grade.  If you met the criteria daily, you will easily have a 100% for participation!  Your participation grade will count as 20% of your quarterly average.


QUARTERLY: Classwork + Test/Quiz + Project + Participation + Literacy /5

FINAL: Qtr. 1 + Qtr. 2 + Qtr. 3 + Qtr. 4 /4

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